Ontology Learning and Population

What is an Ontology?

An ontology is an explicit and formal specification of a shared conceptualization of a domain of interest.

Intension and Extension

Ontologies formalize the intensional aspects of a domain, whereas the extensional part is provided by a knowledge base that contains assertions about instances of concepts and relations as defined by the ontology.

Ontology Learning and Population

The process of defining and instantiating a knowledge base is referred to as knowledge markup or ontology population, whereas (semi-) automatic support in ontology development is usually referred to as ontology learning.



Ontology Learning and Population COLING/ACL 2006 (OLP2)

Ontology Learning and Population ECAI 2004


Ontology Learning from Text EACL 2006

Ontology Learning from Text ECML/PKDD 2005

Resources and Tools

OntoLT: Protégé PlugIn for Ontology Extraction from Text

Related Resources and Tools

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